"Just taken a look at the finished portraits and absolutely love them! Thank you for making me feel so at ease on the 'wrong' side of the camera. It was great fun!"

Jo Freer - Analisi

If I were forced to choose, to specialise in one discipline, it would be portraiture…

Very rarely are we invited to spend a little time in the presence of another human being in such a manner; we pass each other by on the street, on a train, in our cars. Taking someone’s portrait is an intimate experience, as intense for the photographer as it is for the subject. This is why I take my time and reassure the client that they’re in safe and capable hands.

I have access to a large, beautiful studio space close to my home in Uley. I can also provide a hair and make-up team. I’m set up to travel anywhere in the world should you require it.

Please call and we can discuss your ideas and budget and what you’d like to achieve with your photographic project.