I Teach Photography Too...

"Had a great afternoon on Ruperts photography course. So much to learn!! So much to remember!! So much to practice!!! An excellent afternoon!! Thanks Roo"

Brian Shoosmith

It seems that there are quite a few of you out there who own lovely shiny, expensive cameras and keep them set on full auto! Sacrilege! Let me tell you that in the land of the ‘tog’ that is a crime punishable by banishment!

Do not despair - spend a few hours with me and I’ll get you shooting on aperture priority in 2 shakes of a monkey’s tail! It makes for a great gift too if you know someone who loves photography. Or monkeys.

Rule of thirds? Ansel Adams’ zone system’? Composition? Depth of field? Bokeh? White balance? The Golden Ratio? (No, it’s not a club in Amsterdam!) All that and more…!

I can cater for groups and individuals. Whether it’s landscape, portraiture, product, event, wedding, macro, still life or just a keen understanding of the basics, I can help you master your clicker! I’m based near Stroud in Gloucestershire but am happy to travel.

And then what to do with the shots when you need them off camera? I’ve got that covered too: I teach Adobe Lightroom, the go to piece of post production software for togs of all levels.

My courses are booked in blocks of 3 and 5 one hour sessions. I can take group bookings but limit numbers to 5 so you can get the most out of the sessions. All payments are paid in full on booking.

Get in touch, ask me questions, I’ll be gentle.