Photography - the power of the moment.

"Just in case any one is umming and ahhing about commissioning Rupert Russell to take photographs, I can honestly say the whole experience was fabulous, he was great with my two kids who were tired after a busy day and put us all at our ease. Quite frankly these are the most beautifully honest photos we have ever had taken and I am in love with them!!"

Katy Morgan

Thank you for visiting my site, you’re very welcome here.

I’ve been a few things before I ‘became’ a photographer but my journey has bought me to this point and I’m very grateful for that. Over the years I’ve honed my work ethic so I’ve developed an ability to work with others, to be flexible and accommodating. The pictures are very important to me but just as important is the way I deliver them. In that sense I am a professional.

My love for photography is driven by a desire to connect with people & the environment - all the wonderful things with whom I share this astounding planet. I gain a deep satisfaction, both intellectually and emotionally, when I take pictures. The joy of that instantaneous creation, that almost accidental theft from the gods, is why I take photographs.

I’m entirely self taught and will continue learning until I lack the strength to lift up my camera. The good news is that cameras are getting a lot lighter…

I’m honoured to be a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association ( An organisation whose members are required to maintain a very high standard of artistry and professionalism throughout their tenure.

I’m very pleased and excited to announce that The History Press will be publishing a book of my street photographs of Stroud next autumn.

I’m based near Stroud, Gloucestershire and I shoot both digitally and on 35mm film.